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Is Red Wine Good For Your Stomach

Is Red Wine Good For Your Stomach. Once in the stomach, about 20% of the alcohol you drink is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, whereas the remaining 80% will be absorbed by your small intestine 1. While plenty of varieties of red and white wine can contain excess sugar, which undeniably leads to weight gain… Read More »

Best Brand Of Red Wine For Your Heart

Best Brand Of Red Wine For Your Heart. They healthiest red wines include pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, barbera, and petite sirah. You simply harvest some red grapes, crush them (with a press, or—if you prefer—your feet), let them sit with their skins for a while to add color (as distinct from whites, in… Read More »

Red Wine Good For Your Blood

Red Wine Good For Your Blood. You might be surprised to learn that there really is one particular grape that has claimed the number one spot of healthiest wine, but the winner is pinot noir. It appears to slow your digestion of carbs and. Is Red Wine Good for Your Blood? from www.livestrong.com Antioxidants in… Read More »