What Temperature Should Red Wine Be

By | May 6, 2022

What Temperature Should Red Wine Be. Quick guide to the best red wine temperature. The ideal red wine temperature storage is 55 degrees fahrenheit.

Wine Serving Temperatures Opinionated Wine
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Please note that this is different than the wine serving temperature, which is typically between 60 to 65 degrees for reds. This is cool enough to preserve the phenolic compounds, all while allowing the wine to age steadily. Its like walking a fine line.

Serve These Reds Slightly Chilled.

Its like walking a fine line. Stability is also important as swings in temperature may cause premature aging. Bon appétit noted that there's a misconception that red wine should be served at room temperature and kept out of the fridge in your kitchen.

That Being Said, It Should Be Served Between 60° F And 65° F.

Up to 6% cash back as a result, it should be served closer to room temperature. A quick chill session for 15 minutes in the refrigerator should bring out the best in your red. 60 to 65°—coming to us principally from argentina, chile and california, malbec is a dry red wine marked by its inky, red hue and robust tannins.

We Prefer To Chill Red Wine For An Hour Before Serving It To Get It Down To The Right Temperature.

Ensure your wine is stored properly with cooling systems from top brands. However, the publication wrote that generally speaking, room temperature is normally touching on 70˚ fahrenheit. Red wine should be served cool — 60 to 70 degrees.

The Most Common Misconception With Red Wine Is That It Is Ideal To Serve It At Room Temperature, When In Fact Serving It Cool Is The Best Way To Enjoy It.

Similarly, 10 minutes in a bucket or bowl of ice water should bring it down enough. Learn the ideal wine cooler temperature settings for these three common wines to best enjoy every sip. There are a range of proper serving temperatures for wine.

If You’re Striving For Perfection, 55°F Is Often Cited As The Proper Temperature To Store Red Wine.

Humidity is another element to take into consideration. Attempting to control the exact temperature of your red wine can be challenging. Medium red wines such as sangiovese and mencia are best served.