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In a majority of cases you do not need more than 50 VLT for the tint to. Looking To Finance Your Windshield Replacement or Auto Glass Service.

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A 5 is the darkest tint you can get.

Window tint percentage examples. The window tinting visual guide is a mock-up only. This shade allows fifty percent of. Quality window tinting services with premier products application.

Krystina TheJudge310. When vehicles come with a factory tint its usually between 15 and 20. Window Tint Percentage Examples No Tint The Factory Window Glass On Your Vehicle.

Your front side windows should not be more than 28. This percentage must be a success to reduce the energy transmission by about 80. Youve most likely seen this degree of shading if youve rented or.

Twenty percent window shade tint is also called Factory Tint. A vehicle with a 35 tint will give you a darker window a more beautiful appearance but still very easy to see. For example 40 VLT window film would block 60 of light through the window and allow 40 to pass through.

Five 5 Percent Tint. If you are worried about. Through this window tint percentage you can get smooth and shading visual while driving.

Window Tint Examples. For example 5 tint only allows 5 of light to pass through while 35 tint allows 35 of light to pass through. This shade only allows in 5 of the available light.

Auto One locations may offer different shades. After that you have to also determine the characteristic of your area to deal with window tint percentages. Whatever the VLT level of a tint is thats the percentage of light thats allowed through the tint.

View Our Auto Glass Locations. In the case where youre not sure of the VLT percentage of your existing window tint you can always refer to a professional. It only blocks half of the light from.

While VLT isnt the only thing you need to consider if you want the best tint. Fifty Percent Window Tinting One Of The Lighter Tints Available. A 5 tint would be what we usually call limo tint which can be the darkest in some regions depending on what.

If you dont want darkness then 50 color is the right choice for you. VLT numbers represent the percentage of light that comes through the windows. Film percentages stand for light transmission or the amount of light that is allowed through the film.

Windows tinted at the time the car was manufactured usually have a shade of 15 – 26. Five percent shade is also called Limo Tint. How Do You Choose.

The backside and rear windows must allow more than 15 of the light in. Each individual state and county has its own rules about the maximum percentage thats allowed for tinted windows. As you can see having 50 or more light go through isnt too bad but is definitely helpful.

So the glass and shade will have a collective VLT of 4. This falls within the limits of most state laws and is a good option to protect against the suns rays. If it is 80 it will be significantly lighter and will.

So a 100 tinted window would have no tint completely free from car window tinting. The lower the percentage the darker the film. So if your window tint is 5 it only allows 5 of light to come through and will therefore be a very dark tint.

Wanna help support the channel. The tint percentage represents the amount of visible light that can pass through the tinted window. Fifty percentage blockage is a standard option for most owners.

Window Tint Percentage Examples 50. One thing to keep in mind while picking out your level of tint is to consider the Florida law. In Illinois for example the rules are different for.

For example if you mount a 5 film to a glass window with 80 VLT tint it will equal 4. Vehicle window tints come in four standard percentage options 50 percent 35 percent 20 percent and 5 percent. FINANCING OPTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.

Typically its enough to deter snoopers though. When deciding which car window tint percentage is best for you youll want to consider the laws in your local area. You can see through windows with a 20 tint if youre up close but its still difficult.

We have prepared a simple example image for you to figure out how much light passes through different percentages of tint. Get Started Free Quote.

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